With over 15 years experience in wildlife cinematography and photography AviaEye is an internationally awarded leader in aerial wildlife filmmaking. Working primarily in the Arctic, Antarctic, and coastal rainforest's Martin and Martins groundbreaking effort has helped document these ever changing environments in a way like never before. Working in the arctic since 2015 has given Martin enough experience and knowledge to get up close and personal with the worlds top predators without disturbing their natural behavior. Utilizing the latest drone technology our specialized crew have been able to capture unique and intimate moments including some of the first ever footage of a Polar Bear and Grizzly Bear hunting together. For wildlife crews working anywhere withing Canada specifically the Canadian Arctic and the Great Bear Rainforest; as well as internationally in Argentine, Chile, Dominican Republic, French Polynesia, New Zealand and Antarctica we are pleased to offer extensive logistical support with the help of local Inuit and First Nations guides *** For productions stuck abroad during the Covid - 19 pandemic AviaEye is pleased to offer a live stream from our drones. Get in touch with us should this service be of interest. Thank you.
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