the stable side mount
Remote Controlled Side Mount With payload capacity of 15kg at the end of an airwave isolator arm with the three way stabilizer our remote setup mounts directly onto our custom railing on the side of the jeep. This system is controlled remotely from inside the car and can hook up to a variety of different cameras and stabilizers with a direct connection to video output into the car. Hand Controlled Side Mount Fitted with an Euro/Elemac bazooka and bowl riser (100mm) or Mitchell raiser this setup mounts directly to the side rails; for added height the setup can also be flipped and controlled directly form the roof. While this system does not offer the stability of the remote system the vibration isolator allows for you to operate the camera directly with the doors off. *** Camera and gimbals not included, but we offer a variety of different mounting plates and brackets. Click HERE for our rates
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