filming during covid - 19
As we slowly wake up to the world forever changed by Covid-19 we must learn to cope and adapt to new government regulations and social distancing measures while still keeping a creative approach. With extensive experience on various productions and close contact flying we are now pleased to offer a solution that is unique and unmatched in todays changing world. Our crew can operate the drones safely around your cast and are licensed to get within a few feet of anyone directly associated with the shot; for maximum effect we also offer a wide variety of prime lens options such as a 16mm, 24mm, 35mm, and a 50mm (24mm, 36mm, 53mm, 75mm on 35mm equivalent) for our drones, all of which can be used with or without a focus puller for maximum cinematic effect. For our clients stuck abroad due to Canada’s border restrictions we can also stream a live video signal to a private platform. More often then not, drones are used for simple establisher's. When working with us we give you the power to dream beyond your imagination; utilizing high altitude flying with low level actor tracking shots to deliver the best creative solution while keeping the entire production safe. If you are interested in our service you can watch the demo on this page or get in touch with us to get a better idea of what our social distancing drone service looks like. We look forward to flying with you soon.
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