the flying 9' roof dolly
Interchange for any side of the car including the front our 9’ roof dolly railing gives the camera operator an otherwise inaccessible vantage point for various stationary and moving tracking shots. Supporting both a standing or hanging camera setup with a Mitchell mount. The dolly can be used at roof level or it can be fitted with the Mitchell risers for additional height and comfort. The dolly comes with a locking mechanism that allows you to lock it in place as well as a bracket that secures it to the rails. While we recommend this setup be used while the car is parked, we do have various protection systems in place to allow you to operate the dolly while the car is in low speed motion. For wildlife documentaries we also offer the option of having a motorized moving head for various time-lapse videos. *** Camera not included, but we offer a universal tripod head and plate for various cameras. Click HERE for our rates
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