the moving 21' jib crane
Perfect for getting that extra vantage point without using the drone, our jib - crane gives you a unique perspective with an additional 7’ of height when mounted to the rooftop platform. It is fitted with an any side interchangeable railing system for the crew protection. Since mounted on the AviaEye™ Jeep Wrangler, the jib - crane can be easy repositioned on set for different shoot options. The 21’ jib - crane has a payload capacity of 15kg; it is fixed directly to the roof platform on a 16’ Mitchell riser or can be used on sticks on the ground. Equipped with a shock absorbing stabilized head it is compatible with various Ronin gimbals and other camera setups. The camera and gimbals have direct output to video village inside the car through hard wired connections. *** Camera and gimbals not included, but we offer a variety of different mounting plates and brackets. Click HERE for our rates
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