Over the years AviaEye has had the privilege of working with various companies and organizations on accomplishing all their visual and aerial needs. From the cold Arctic to the warm South Pacific browse through some of the promotional videos and projects we have had the pleasure to plan, execute and edit over the last ten years as part of our commitment to showcase the beauty of our planet. Our "AviaEye Wildlife Cinematography Reel" and "2020 AviaEye show reel" have been awarded internationally at the Siena Drone Awards for two years in a row while our images have won the 2021 Wildlife Photographer of the Year in London, UK. In our show reels you will see segments of our work captured for a wide array of commercials and films. Each and every video is unique in the sense that it combines ground breaking technology both in the air and on the ground to create a spectacular cinematic experience. Our credits in film include various works in Natural History for National Geographic, Disney, Discovery, and Netflix on shows like Our Planet, Oceans, and many others currently in pre and post production. Make sure to check back soon to view our 2022 and 2023 show-reels which are currently under NDA until the content is streamed and broadcast to the public.
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AviaEye 2021 - Our Wild Year
2021 AviaEye show reel
2020 AviaEye show reel
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33 Days Among the Bears Trailer
2017 - Thank you Canada Story Trailer
My Day With Fraserway CommercialW
Fraserway RV Trailer Yukon Territory
Alone British Columbia
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