The Camera Car - Jeep Wrangler
Our AviaEye™ Jeep Wrangler features an all in one camera car with a built in video village for all your filming and photography needs. Capable of transforming between various camera setups within minutes our 4x4 Jeep is an easy solution for both big and low budget productions. This camera car can be shipped throughout the world including the high Arctic where it spent the summer of 2021 filming polar bears. Whether it be car chase scenes or animal tracking sequences both on the road and in the field our custom AviaEye™ Jeep Wrangler offers a unique solution currently unmatched in our industry. All mounts listed bellow are available in the following conversions Mitchell, Euro/Elemac systems. For more detailed specifications on the various mounts make sure to watch our promotional video to see the car in action. Front & Back Mount Side Mount Inspire 2 Mount *** For booking inquires and pricing please email: or call +1 (778) - 858 - 6016
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